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AMC 3020 - Stereo Integrated Amplifier, 20W x 2

AMC 3020

Solid State Preamp/Amplifier, 2-Channel, 2 * 20W, with Input Mix Control


The 3020 is an integrated stereo amplifier designed to bridge the gap between HI-FI and computers while maintaining uncompromised audiophile standards. A unique feature that computer users can use daily is called MIX. This feature allows users to listen to CD, Tuner, DVD, etc., while working on the computer. The input trim controls allow the inputs to be adjusted to balance levels of loudness. With audiophile quality sound, high quality speakers can be used on computer systems allowing user to receive full benefits from the sound that computer program designers had in mind.

While creating a new category, the design of the 3020 introduces features in the audio industry not formerly used. The 3020 has 6 inputs. When the input selector is switched to the "mix" position, any of 5 inputs can be mixed together by adjusting input level controls. This mixed signal also appears at the record o/p jacks for connection to a tape machine or computer sound card input. The 3020 can also be used as the heart of an audiophile quality audio system. The 3020 uses close-tolerance components throughout, giving exceptional accuracy to tone controls. The AMC TOSTM (Turbo Output Stage) circuit topology offers higher efficiency, lower distortion, and better sound quality. With a peak output current of +/- 17 amps into l ohm loads, the 3020 can drive virtually all types of speaker systems.

Pre-out/Main-in jacks allows unlimited versatility for the 3020 to become a pre-amp or stereo amplifier-independently or simultaneously. High quality 5 way binding posts allow banana jacks, and large-diameter speaker wire to be used. A Headphone jack on front panel provides users with the ability to operate their system quietly through headphones without sacrificing sound quality.


Rated power per channel into 8 ohm (IHF)


Rated T.H.D. 20Hz-20KHz


Clipping Power per channel into 8/4 ohms

33/42 W

Input sensitivity for 1W/Rated Power into 8 ohms


Input Impedance


Frequency response

20Hz-20KHz: +/- 1dB
-3dB: 4Hz/100KHz

Signal to noise ratio "A" wtd. (ref. 1W / 8 ohm)


Separation 20Hz-20KHz


Tone control range

Bass at 100Hz: +8.5/-9.0dB
Treble at 10KHz: +7.5/-8.2dB

Peak output current into 1 ohm load

+/- 17Amps

Slew rate


Dimensions (W x H x D)

430 x 82 x 288 mm

Net Weight

5 Kgs



  1. Stability is maintained even with a 1 uF capacitor directly across the speaker terminals.

This Product is phased out.

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