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AMC X1616e 16 Zone 16 Local/8 Remote Source Digital H.O.M.E System

Features of the AMC model X1616e
* System for total 16 Zones
* System with 16 Sources - 16 Local / 8 Remote Sources.
* Only RJ45 & Speaker Wires used for installations from X1616 main unit to all zones
* Two ways AMC proprietary Digital Data Communication between X1616 Main unit and Remote Sources
* Doorbell and telephone mute system (PDM1) - option
* With RS232 to digital link with other systems - option
* IR remote control receiver on 8 zones for controlling X1616 main unit and Remote Sources in other zones
* RCA, 3.5mm mini jack and RJ45 Remote Source input jacks in each Zone
* The X1616 package contains: 1 X1616 main unit 1 This Manual 1 Zone description label
* Options : XS1, PDM1 (numbers of XS1, PDM1 required based on each installation designs)

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