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AMC XCDic - CD/ MP3/ WMA/ ACC Player with Option of 24bit/ 192kHz Up-scaler with USB, Optical & Coaixal inputs


- The AMC model XCDic was designed to play standard non-compressed PCM

Compact Disc (hereafter we will call it "CD” ) , MP3 compressed Compact Disc

(hereafter we will call it "MP3” ) and WMA (Window Media Audio) compressed

Compact Disc (here after we will call it "WMA").


- On Rear Panel, there is Option of installing 24 bit / 193 kHz Up-scaler with

USB, Optical & Coaxial inputs. With the Up-Scaler, Music in CD also up-

scaled to 24bit / 192kHz to give extra superb sound quality.


- If you will like to enjoy high quality sound from your DVD, Computer or Game

Console, you can purchase AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module to install into your

AMC model XCDic and achieve it.


- The AMC model XCDic was designed to meet professional quality performance

standard and to provide superior value.


- Selected grade components are utilized throughout the circuit design with special

emphasis on components within the audio path to assure stable, consistent



- Premium transport and servo drive system assures constant data retrieval and

unsurpassed tracking performance.


- Use Burr Brown from TI PCM1798, 24-Bit/ 192 KHz Sampling Advanced Segment

D/A Converter architecture to achieve excellent dynamic performance (123dB

typically) and improved tolerance to clock jitter. The DAC offers excellent SNR up

to 123dB typical, excellent THD+N down to 0.0005% typical and with excellent 8x

Over-sampling Digital Filter giving Pass-Band Ripple down to + - 0.002dB. The

DAC can handle sampling frequency of 10kHz to 200kHz and accepts 16-, 20-

and 24-Bit Audio Data and it installed with Digital De-Emphasis. So, utilizing the

optional modules, the DAC can be hooked to digital outputs of AV Receivers, DVDAudio/

Video, SACD, HDTV, Computer, Game Consoles (through SPDIF or USB

interface if you will use AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module) and we can up-scaling

the signals to 24bit/192kHz and pass through the acclaimed DAC in order to get

best possible sound out from each system.


- Unique 5-pole linear active LPF (Low Pass Filter) prevents interference from

ultrasonic noise commonly found in other CD playback systems.


- Advanced switching mode power supply design incorporates separate windings for

the digital, analog and servo circuits to prevent interference and preserve sonic


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