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AMC B1-20 - Powered 8" Subwoofer, Variable High Pass and Low Pass Filters



  • Actively Powered by 200 Watts
  • Qucik Response
  • Solid, Deep Tones
  • Very Compact
  • Automatic On-Off
  • Sensitivity Settings
  • Crossover Filters: 6dB octaves adjustable between 50 and 200Hz
  • Small Footprint, only 12 inches x 12 inches x 15 inches
  • Clean bass response down to 30 Hz at 102 dB
  • Clean, black ash veneer

Low, deep bass octaves is a must for any system, be it audio or video. AMC's actively powered BI -20 sub woofer fits the bill.

From its small enclosure, 12 inches by 12 inches by 15 inches tall, this compact sub woofer packs a punch. 200 watts of self-contained power. A specialized circuit has be designed and utilized to control and actually optimize the bass sound and response in a small enclosure.

All these lows, and easily controlled by its sensitivity selector, the B1-20 also provides a crossover filters for satellite speakers. From 50 to 200Hz the crossover filters will meld the lows across a 6 dB octave curve. These controls make it possible to match the low bass frequencies from the Subwoofer to the bass - mid range - treble sound of any good satellite stereo speakers for optimum sound and at the same time to compensate fo room-effects and different positions of the Subwoofer.


Type Subwoofer with 210 mm diameter cone element
Power 200 watts built in
Frequency Response 30 to 175 Hz +/- 2dB
Sixth order Butter-worth system, -3 dB at 30 Hz
Crossover Frequency 40 to 175 Hz
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) <100dB SPL at 1m at half space
Sensitivity Adjustable 50 mV to 50V for 96 dB SPL at 2/1 m.
10 Kohm input impedence
Cutoff filter for side speakers 6 dB/octave, adjustable between 50 and 200 Hz
Maximum signal input 5V
Upper Cutoff frequency 500 Hz



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