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AMC CVT1030 Series - CVT1030MKII

AMC CVT1030 Series - CVT1030MKII



* AMC CVT1030 Series updated to CVT1030MKII at 2011 according to AMC Users' requirements to add Remote Control & Pre-out new features into CVT1030 Series.

* For features, Installations-Operation Instructions & specifications of AMC CVT1030MKII, please refer to CVT1030MKII Manual attached.

* AMC CVT1030MKII received superb Review in Stereoplay, Germany 2012-09(Sep) issue as attached.

* AMC CVT1030MKII is one of the AMC CVT Series with Vacuum Tube topologies designs using the high voltage FET exactly as Vacuum Tubes as FET's and Vacuum Tubes are with the same majority current structure and with the same transfer function but FET does not require flament, so it is much higher efficient with much better accuracy on all respects and with much higher reliabilities.

* For the output stage of AMC CVT1030MKII, AMC designed with Vacuum Tubes as usual for taking advantage of Vacuum Tube characteristics and sound quality will be kept the same good quality during the whole life of the output stage Vacuum Tubes.

* For headphones output, it passes through the Vacuum Tube topology High Voltage FET Tubes pre-amp for delivery Class A vacuum tube sound. And for output stage for headphones, AMC designed with high speed amplifiers with internally phase-compendated gain and 3.0V/uS & fT=10MHz high slew rate with low noise of 1.8uVrms. So, the headphones outputs can drive all types of headphones with various impedances comfortably. As AMC designed headphones outputs with pure resistive, so, the sound quality of headphones will be depending on the characteristics of headphones users will use.

When user is listening music from Headphones outputs using heaphones, user can switch "Direct / Normal / Phones" switch to "Direct" for bypassing Bass & Treble Tone Controls for those music lovers they like to enjoy more pure sound quality. Or switch the switch to "Normal" to activate Bass & Treble Tone Controls for those music lovers like to equalize sound field to fit each rooms accoustic characteristics. When users switch the switch to "Direct" & "Normal" positions, there are music from Speaker terminals simultaneously. When users switch the switch to "Headphones", there will be no music from Speaker terminals and Bass & Treble Tone Controls are activated.

* For "Direct / Normal / Phones" switch, please don't switch it until 5 minutes after turning CVT1030MKII on or you will hear some switching pop sound as CVT1030MKII has been designed with very high voltage and initially will require around 5 minutes for building up the high voltages. As adding extra ccircuits would degrade the sound quality due to longer time constant and AMC developing engineers decided to be without them. So, AMC would like to suggest users to wait for 5 minutes before starting to switch the switch. Then there will be without the pop sound and sound quality will be better.




AMC CVT1030, CVT1030a & AMC1030as

  • AMC CVT1030s - Valve Preamp, Class "A", 2-Channel Audio (with Tube Sockets)

  • AMC CVT1030as - Valve Preamp, Class "A", 2-Channel Audio (with Balanced Input and Tube Sockets)


  • AMC MD1403 - Balanced Output Module for CVT1030
  • AMC Mod-1030(a) - Standard CVT1030 Series Socket Upgrade

CVT1030 series comparison chart:

CVT1030s CVT1030as
Balaced Input X  

Tube Sockets

(for easy tube replacements)



  • Full Class A vacuum tube preamplifer with input stages for Phono, Tape, DAT, CD, Tuner, Video and Aux. Bass and Treble tone controls. Additional features include direct mode and headphone listening. Optional balanced output module.

  • CVT1030a with CD balanced input.

  • Seven gold plated streo audio inputs.

  • Two gold plated stereo audio outputs.

  • "Direct switch" completely disconnects the tone controls from the signal path.

  • Use special designed Vacuum Tube amplifer circuitries to offer very high overload margin (higher than 50Vrms) in order to handle all types of music with very high dynamic range like digital music.

  • Vacuum Tube tye of Bass and Treble control.

  • Modulized output stage offering standard outputs or balanced output modules (optional).

  • Vacuum Tube circuitry with THD less than 0.03%.

  • Vacuum Tube circuitry with S/N better than 96dB.


Input Sensitivity for 1 volt output

High level inputs


Phono input


Rated THD


Input impedance

High level inputs

20K ohms/100pf

Phono input

47K ohms/100pf

Output Impedance

<200 ohm

Frequency response

Direct mode 20 Hz-20KHz

+/- 0.5dB

Normal 20 Hz-20KHz

+/- 1.0dB

High Level inputs-3dB


Signal to noise ratio (ref. 1 volt)

High level inputs "A" WTD


Phono input "A" WTD


Tone control range

Bass at 50Hz

+/- 8dB

Treble at 10KHz

+/- 7dB


Dimensions (W x H x D)

430 x 112 x 288 mm

Net weight

6.5 Kg.

Shipping weight

7.5 Kg.

CVT 1030a


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