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AMC MD 1102


Input Power Supply

  • DC voltage (V-&V+) range, unregulated:  12V to 35V
  • Input DC current:  100mA

USB Audio Specifications

  • Compatibility:  USB version 1.1 and USB Audio Class Spec 1.0
  • Data rate (full speed):  12Mb/S

Analog Performance

  • S/N ratio ref. 1KHz/0dB, A-Wtd:  103dB
  • THD + Noise ref. 1KHz/0dB:  0.016%
  • Module Output voltage ref. 1KHz/0dB:  1.7V
  • Channel separation ref. 1KHz/0dB:  >90dB
  • Frequency response:  +/-0.3dB

Physical Specifications

  • Module Dimension(WxHxD):  115x25x55mm
  • Net weight:  43g

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