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AMC US24192 / US24192vt

24 Bit 192kHz Up-scaler and 24 Bit 192KHz DAC with USB, Optical and Coaxial connectors

 . The AMC US24192 or US24192vt can accept any digital data stream, for example, USB, optical or S/PDIF digital outputs, and up-scale the information to 24-

bit/192KHz digital data stream. This data is applied to the input of a high resolution digital-to-analog converter (DAC), providing you with the equivalent sonic

performance of an SACD/DVD Audio system.

. Once you connect digital output signal from your DVD, computer, game console, Apple TV or the other appliances to AMC US24192 or US24192vt, you can start to enjoy high quality sound at affordable price.

. The AMC US24192 or US24192vt is designed to meet professional quality performance standard and to provide superior value.

. Selected grade components are utilized throughout the circuit design with special emphasis on components within the audio path to assure stable and consistent


. The AMC US24192 or US24192vt is providing with the most popular input jacks like RCA jack (Coaxial), optical jack and USB jack for ease of interfacing digital signal to the back panel.

. Provide an accurately calibrated output level in accordance with the EIA (Electronic Industrial Association) recommended standard of 2 volts. This output level provides the best possible performance for audiophile.


More about US24192vt:

. US24192vt is a special designed US24192 with vacuum tubes for offering superb sound quality for Hi-Fi fans, golden ears and vacuum tube gears.

. US24192vt incorporates an independent high voltage power supplies for the valve circuitries.

. The valves in US24192vt are working in a so-called "class A" amplification that claims the best sound reproduction.

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