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AMC US24192i / US24192i_pa

US24192i All Digital inputs Pre-amp & US24192i_pa All Digital inputs Integrated Amplifier - 24 Bit 192kHz Up-scaler and 24 Bit 192KHz DAC with 8 Digital Inputs, Digital_Bal_Unbal Outputs & Volume, Tone Controls with option to add Power Amp (US24192i_pa)

. US24192i is All Digital Pre-amplifier with following 8 digital inputs,

      USB Audio Class 2.0 

      OPT x 4


      COAX x 2

  and following 4 outputs,

      COAX Digital Output

      Unbalanced Audio Outputs (RCA x 2)

      Balanced Audio Outputs (Canon Connector x 2)


. All digital inputs will be upscaled to 24 bit / 192Hz by AMC proprietary designed Up-Scaler and then convert to audio by AMC proprietary designed 24192 DAC for recovering all digital musics including low resolution MP3 musics to have great sound stage and bandwidths to achieve superb Hi Fi sound quality.


. The outputs from AMC 24192 DAC then pass through AMC Proprietary designed Pre-amplifier for Volume Control, Tone Controls etc.


. US24192i is actually an All Digital inputs Pre-Amplifier.


. US24192i_pa is US24192i with option of Power Amplifier Module added.


. Power Amp Module of US24192i_pa is designed with Speaker A & Speaker B with two pairs of 5 Way Binding Post Speaker Terminals can be selected with Speaker A or B or A + B switches.


. US24192i_pa actually an All Digital inputs Integrated Amplifier.


. with RS232 for interface with Intelligent Architectural Systems for making input selection & Volume Controls.


. with option of AMC Card for US24192i or US24192i_pa to be controlled by iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Phones, Nexus etc through AMC cloud via WiFi.

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