AMC US24192i

24/192 Digital to Analog Converter

8 Digital Inputs

  • AES
  • Coaxial Digital Audio x2
  • OPT x4
  • USB

4 Outputs

  • Coaxial Digital Audio
  • Unbalanced Audio (RCA x 2)
  • Balanced Audio Outputs (Canon Connector x2)


  • All digital inputs will be up-scaled to 24 bit / 192Hz by AMC designed up-scaler and DAC for recovering all digital musics to have great sound stage and bandwidths to achieve superb Hi-Fi sound quality
  • The outputs from AMC 24192 DAC then passes through AMC designed pre-amplifier for Volume Control and Tone Controls
  • RS232 for interface with Smart Home systems for making input selection and volume controls