Compact Disc CD Player with USB and SD Card Reader

  • Supports standard non-compressed PCM, compressed MP3, and compressed WMA Compact Discs
  • Option of installing 24 bit / 196 kHz up-sampler to give extra superb sound quality
  • Front Panel Ports: USB for Flash Drive and SD Card Socket
  • Rear Panel Ports: Optical and Coaxial inputs, USB for connecting to computer
  • If you will like to enjoy high quality sound from your DVD, Computer or Game Console, you can purchase AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module
  • Premium transport and servo drive system assures constant data retrieval and unsurpassed tracking performance
  • Use Burr Brown from TI PCM1798, 24-Bit / 192 kHz Sampling Advanced Segment D/A Converter architecture to achieve excellent dynamic performance (123dB typically) and improved tolerance to Clock Jitter. The DAC offers excellent SNR up to 123 dB typical, excellent THD+N down to 0.0005% typical and with excellent 8x Over-sampling Digital Filter giving Pass-Band Ripple down to +/- 0.002dB. The DAC can handle sampling frequency of 10kHz to 200kHz and accepts 16, 20 and 24 Bit Audio Data and it installed with Digital De-Emphasis. So, utilizing the optional modules, the DAC can be hooked to digital outputs of AV Receivers, DVDAudio/ Video, SACD, HDTV, Computer, Game Consoles (through SPDIF or USB interface if you will use AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module) and we can up-sampling the signals to 24bit/192kHz and pass through the acclaimed DAC in order to get best possible sound out from each system
  • Unique 5-pole linear active LPF (Low Pass Filter) prevents interference from ultrasonic noise commonly found in other CD playback systems
  • Advanced switching mode power supply design incorporates separate windings for the digital, analog and servo circuits to prevent interference and preserve sonic performance
  • EIA calibrated audio outputs ensure proper match with pre-amplifiers and receivers
  • Up to 20 tracks may be programmed to playback in desire order
  • Full-function infrared (IR) remote control with direct track access
  • With AMC proprietary designed switching mode power supply to cover 100 ~240VAC for using the unit in all countries in the wold and give superb sound quality by high regulated power system designs