30W RMS Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Power Amplifier with 30 Amp high peak output current devices to offer capabilities to drive almost all types of speaker systems


  • Unique Phono stage design that employs two audiophile grade op-amps per channel that provide very low THD, TIM and noise, together with switchable MM/MC sensitivities
  • The high overload tone control stage can be completely by-passed with the DIRECT switch to give natural sound quality
  • Specially designed passive Tone control circuit to give natural sound quality
  • Uses audiophile grade components through-out; providing exceptional accuracy to Phono and tone control responses
  • High overload margin on tone control circuit by virtue of its topology
  • Power amplifiers with special designed perfect virtual image topology to make it possible to be without output relays. The topology connects amplifier outputs to speaker systems without relay contacts to offer best possible sound quality
  • Using high output current devices with optimized power supply designs; delivering extremely high output current on demand to give superb sound quality
  • Universal power transformer passed all international safety standards
  • Toroidal Transformer and Gold Plated Speaker Terminals