4 Zone 4 Source A/V Matrix Smart Home System


4 Zone 4 Local/Remote Source A/V Matrix Smart Home System

Key Features

  • System for total 4 zones
  • System with 8 Sorecs 4 Local / 4 Remote mixed sources
  • Only RJ45 & speaker wires used for installation form XOi main unit to all zones
  • Two way AMC proprietary digital data communication system between XOi main unit and keypads in all zones
  • Designed with cascade feature for keypad XK1
  • Volume control & tone control for each zone
  • Four 38KHz and four 56KHz IR outpurs on rear panel of XOi main unit
  • Doorbell and telephone mute system (PDM1) - option
  • With RS232 to digital link with other systems - option
  • IR remote control receiver on each zone for controlling XOi main unit and remote soutces in the zones
  • RCA, 3.5mm mini jack and RJ45 remote source input jacks in each zone
  • Designed to work with the XK1 Keypad wall mounted zone controllers (available separately)
  • Designed to work with the XS1 Keypad wall mounted remote source units (available separately)


  • Total Zones: 4 Zones
  • Zone 1~4 with Speaker Outputs: 15Wrms x 2
  • Sources: 4 Local / 4 Remote Mixed Sources
  • Sensitivity: 60mV
  • IR outputs frequencies: four 38KHz and four 56KHz
  • IR output level: 5V p-p
  • Phone input sensitivity: AC25V~AC100V 20Hz
  • Doorbell input sensitivity: AC/DC 3~12V


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): W 430.0mm x H 53.3mm x D 338.5mm
  • Net weight: 5 Kgs
  • Power consumption: 120W